Irish Appleton

Irish Appleton

If you've been around Farmers Jam for a minute, you've got some idea that you can basically replace any recipe that calls for simple syrup with our syrups and get a flavor packed experience.

This cocktail is among the first that we feel we've truly "invented."

It's a riff on a riff, inspired by a "Colonial Times," which you can look up on your own time. Regardless, it's absolutely delicious and will replace our Old Fashioned's this Fall.

Here's how it's made:

In your glass, add 1/2 oz Spiced Apple Syrup
Add 4-5 dashes of orange bitters
Add 1 oz Irish Whiskey (we used Tullamore Dew)
Add 1 oz Jamaican Rum (we used Appleton)
Add ice, and stir together
Optional garnish: orange peel

We love the complexity and flavor profile of this cocktail, and we hope you do as well. Cheers!

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