Yesterday we chased a FedEx truck

Yesterday we chased a FedEx truck

Quick confession: I actually wrote an email to you last week but things were changing what felt like minute to minute so I got overwhelmed and never hit send. We can safely say the last week could make a great chapter for a book one day! 

Long story short, everything finally came together at 11:30 pm on Monday night when Jason and I wrestled a 400 pound drum of Organic Strawberry Puree from Wish Farms in Florida off a truck into a fridge. After we were told last Tuesday that a truck driver was 15 minutes away from the farm to pick up our order, only to never show up at the farm, we were hugely relieved to see that drum in the fridge! 

On Monday morning, the co-packer went into production on our Peach Basil Cocktail Syrup. The last piece of that puzzle was shrink bands, which I forgot to order until Friday. I put a rush on the shipping and was assured they’d arrive by 10:30am, just in time for production.

The good news: FedEx made it to the kitchen by 9:40 am. 

The bad news: FedEx rang the doorbell, no one answered, so they left with the package in their truck. 

Luckily, I was refreshing their tracking page like a maniac so I knew the moment this happened. I called FedEx but could only get hold of a robot. My wife and I had an appointment at 9:45 and she graciously said I could leave to go chase down this truck. 

I hurried to the last FedEx location that held our package and begged them to put me in touch with the truck driver. Although they initially said that wasn’t permitted, they must have sensed my desperation because they slid me a piece of paper with a name and a phone number. I rushed to meet the driver, grab the package, and get it to the co-packer by 11:30. 


Needless to say, we are both exhausted today but grateful and relieved that everything came together. By Friday, we’ll have about 2,000 bottles of Strawberry Lemon and Peach Basil Cocktail Syrup, finally putting us ahead of our inventory curve. 

With all that said, our online store is BACK! We are ready to serve all your cocktail and mocktail needs this summer. 

You can hit the links below to place your order – plus, you’ll be the first to see our brand new shiny labels that now include a nutritional panel. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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