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Wild Foraged Syrups: Unique Flavors for a Great Cause

We're excited to announce a new line of Farmers Jam Wild Foraged Syrups that feature ingredients foraged in and around Atlanta to benefit Concrete Jungle. This syrup will be available the week of July 11.

Our first flavor is Elderflower with Cucumber and Thyme. The elderflower was foraged in Decatur and Atlanta, the cucumber was sourced from Woodland Gardens, and the thyme was harvested in backyard gardens.

This one of a kind, small batch flavor will only be available for a limited time.

Farmers Jam Elderflower Syrup will be offered exclusively through our online store and at The Deer and The Dove in Decatur. Bar manager Matt Watkins will mix up some delicious cocktails using this delicious concoction.

You can purchase a bottle through our website here and make a reservation at The Deer and The Dove here.

“We love using local food in our kitchen and supporting great organizations like Concrete Jungle,” said Chef Terry Koval. “We’re always looking for ways to highlight unique ingredients you don’t usually find on menus in Atlanta, and we’re excited to share this with our patrons for a good cause.”

A percentage of each bottle and cocktail sold will be donated to Concrete Jungle.

One of our favorite local nonprofits, Concrete Jungle specializes in growing and foraging fresh produce – many from fruit trees around Atlanta – and donating the proceeds to food pantries.

1 in 8 Georgians are food insecure and many lack access to fresh produce, instead relying on packaged foods that are often high in sodium or sugar.

Volunteers for Concrete Jungle help to provide some of the few sources of fresh fruit for food insecure families.

“Food Insecurity is one of the biggest problems in Georgia despite being an agricultural state that is filled with so many fruit trees and farms,” said Concrete Jungle Executive Director Katherine Kennedy. “We appreciate Farmers Jam and The Deer and The Dove for helping us spread the word and achieve our goals of reducing food insecurity with fresh produce.”


wild foraged elderflower with beautiful white flowers

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