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Why We Love Fruit Trees

If there’s anything you should know about Farmers Jam, it’s that we are passionate about local fruit. (Note: you could also argue we’re nuts about nut trees, but that’s for another day). Fruit trees are the pinnacle of regenerative agriculture -- they help fight climate change by absorbing carbon, create oxygen, AND feed people. How cool is that?

Fruit trees, berry bushes, and other fruiting plants are beneficial in a number of ways. They provide fresh fruit for decades, offer habitats for birds and pollinators, cool our planet with their shade, absorb carbon into the soil, all while creating oxygen for us to breathe. Just one tree can provide hundreds of pounds of fruit while absorbing 48 pounds of carbon every single year! 

Farmers Jam plants fruit on local farms for two main reasons. The first is that we are creating a potential revenue stream of fresh fruit that the farmer can benefit from for decades to come. According to our farmers, just one mature fruit tree can generate $3,000 worth of revenue per year. We believe it’s critical to support people who are intimately connected with the land and understand how to help nature heal.

The second is that farmers have the skills and incentive to help trees reach their full maturity -- which means the community of humans, bugs, birds, and other animals nearby receive all the benefits. Planting the tree is actually the easy part. Making sure young trees have enough water, are mulched and pruned properly, and protected from animals is critical work that requires a watchful eye. The good news is that once the trees reach maturity, they are relatively self sufficient unless there are significant weather challenges. 

We also like to think of fruit trees, bushes, and plants as gateway plants to greater understanding about the environment and local food. Fruit is often the most requested product at local farmers markets, and children enjoy the sweetness fruit has to offer. Delicious meals like pies or jam are relatively easy to make and enjoy. Fruit offers a world into cooking, canning, preserving, planting and plant or tree maintenance. 

Jam on!

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