Who's up for a Strawberry Mojito?

Who's up for a Strawberry Mojito?

Thanks so much for all the positive messages a couple of weeks ago before our pitch to the airport. We really appreciated the words of encouragement and support. 

As it turns out, the airport is overhauling all of the retail and bar locations in time for the World Cup in 2026. The leases will start turning over in 2024, so it could be awhile before our products make an appearance. The earliest possible time is June of this year in one location, but time will tell. We’re hoping to hear back from them in early April. 

In other news, we’ve started producing our Strawberry Lemon flavor and Midway Pub has taken the first two bottles. You can now pick up a Farmers Jam Strawberry Mojito just in time for the spring. We’re delivering our first four cases of 8 oz bottles to Fresh Harvest next week, so if you’re a subscriber be sure to add a bottle to your order. 

Lastly, we’re entering the Flavor of Georgia contest hosted by UGA next week. We’ll drop off our Peach Basil syrup for review next Wednesday. The winners will be announced in March - fingers crossed! 

Got some exciting news to share next week about this year’s fruit tree fund. We’re involved with a great project in South Georgia – I’ll share more soon.

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