Who's ready for turkey?

Who's ready for turkey?

Have I formally introduced you to Jason Waters from Georgia Routes? If you've been to our events, you've almost certainly been served by him. Jason's the guy behind the bar, who helps people host wonderful events by creating unique cocktails and mocktails from his signature mobile bar.

Jason is the first person to make cocktails with our jam, and he's the main inspiration behind our decision to make Cocktail Syrups.

For the past couple of weeks, Jason and I have meet at Midway Pub to check in about our goals for the rest of the year and strategize for 2023. Last week, we decided to take a deep breath and slow down this week.

To spare you all the details (which I just typed out and deleted because it's too long lol), until we get shelf stable certified, there's limited point in continuing our production. We'll either need new labels or new storage or we won't. Until we know for sure either way, we wait.

We have BIG plans for next year, and once we're ready to rock, we'll put the pedal to the metal. For now, we're going to embrace this week with our friends and family as the gift that is really is.

For now -- we've officially launched our Turkey Day Sale. You can get 20% off your orders from now until Sunday.

The discount will automatically be applied at checkout, so shop til your hearts desire! These syrups make a great gift for friends and family -- or you can use them to survive the holidays yourself!

Finally, we've got some exciting news to share about Midway Pub. It's official enough that we can share generally... but not quite ready to share the details. We'll be in touch soon!

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