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We won our Start:ME pitch contest: Farmers Jam Update, 5/19/22

Last Thursday, we received some huge news at our Start:ME business accelerator graduation. You might remember that our final pitch was for a $3,000 grant to help us buy strawberries. Our goal is to sell 2,000 jars this year – about 3x what we’ve done in a single year. The grant will help us buy just about enough strawberries to hit that goal. 


After everyone pitched, we got the opportunity to review our classmates. We read everyone’s business plan, financial statements, and could re-watch recordings of our pitches, before providing feedback and submitting ratings. Winners were announced at graduation, and we were thrilled to receive the $3,000 we applied for! 


It was really special not only to win, but to be chosen by our cohort. In addition, Eric from the Kai Garden and German from Garden Head Planters also won awards – soil family for the win!!! 


We immediately put the funds to work, and picked up about 75 pounds of strawberries from our friend John at Georgia Proud Provisions. There are a lot more strawberries in our future, and we’re excited to dive in. 


So, do you wanna celebrate our success?! After all, it’s thanks to YOU that we’ve even made it this far. Good news: We’re pleased to announce the Farmers Jam Summer Smash at the Heck.House on Thursday, June 23.


Of course, some of you rock stars already have tickets because you pre-ordered a 12 pack of jam. We’ll be in touch with you separately with a discount code to claim your free ticket. 


We’d love to see you out there. The Farmers Jam Band has been hard at work and eager to show off some new skills. We’ll be joined by Cam Christian and his new band, performing songs from his debut studio album, PALMETTO


We’ll also have delicious local food prepared by Pam’s Magic Cauldron, and some new beverages from Jason at Georgia Routes. It’s gonna be a blast! 


On Farmers Jam Radio, we’re releasing an interview with DeKalb County Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson. She’s combating food deserts in DeKalb County by banning new Dollar Stores from being built in DeKalb County. Fascinating research and insight. Oh, she also helped build a gigantic new urban farm. Really good stuff.

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