We passed the Grandma Test

We passed the Grandma Test

Well, it's officially here -- we've made our first batch of Farmers Jam Cocktail Syrup and it's fantastic! We've still got some work to do -- as you can see, the labels are a bit too big for the bottle -- but we're excited about what we've done so far.

Since we've teased the cocktail syrup, we've had a lot of people ask when they can try some. Rest assured, we'll reach out with details as soon as possible!

In the next month, we're focused on delivering our first batch of jam to those who pre-ordered, and taste testing our cocktail syrup with bartenders and industry professionals to make sure you get the best product we can possibly make.

In August, we're planning to pop-up at a couple of farmers markets around Atlanta where we'll have some samples available for you to try. We'll let you know when those dates are locked in so you can swing by.

For now, we're visiting some family and will be taking a bit of time off from the newsletter. Expect to hear from us again around July 11.

Speaking of family, we just celebrated my wife's grandma's 95th birthday, which is incredible in and of itself. But the best part is that this years batch of jam passed the grandma test -- and that's the test that really counts when it comes to jam.

We can't wait for you to try some. Talk soon.

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