The taste test was a hit!

The taste test was a hit!

Good news: we had a great taste test with bartenders at A Sip of Paradise Garden last week! In addition to positive reviews during the event, we also got high marks on our feedback form. Just a couple of tweaks to the recipe and we'll be all set.

Once again, a special shout out to Jason from Georgia Routes for whipping up some delicious cocktails, and to Ross and Abbey from Cathead Distillery for supplying spirits for the occasion. Of course, Liv and Julie from Meraki Soul did their thing with the snack spread. Seriously wonderful.

Lastly, we've made a whole bunch of changes to the label, with more details and recipes included. Oh, and it should actually fit the bottle this time... We're almost there!

Next up is another taste test with our friends at Nourish Botanica and Plantlanta this week. In August, we'll have some more public events coming up, including in Virginia Highlands and East Atlanta Village. More on that once we get details locked in.

Of course, there's balance in all things, and that meant we had some bad news as well. Our jam production hit another snag, and we're delayed with some of the orders again. We'll get things back on track ASAP.

As always, we'll keep you posted with all things Farmers Jam.

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