The grind continues

The grind continues

The grind continues. Last week, we made 200 sample bottles of Peach Basil Cocktail Syrup to support Wholesome Wave Georgia's annual fundraiser, Southern Chefs Potluck. It was great meeting some amazing bartenders like Greg Best, who received an award at the event (and, turns out, his now wife planned my wedding ... small world!).

We're also in the process of making 200 more bottles for TEDxAtlanta Women's SOAR event on Nov 4, and preparing for Fermentation Fest on Nov 6. You can find details about Fermentation Fest below, including a link to get discounted tickets that will come with a free Farmers Jam glass to enjoy your delicious beverages in.

Lastly, we'll be shipping all the pre-orders we received for Peach Basil Cocktail Syrup on Friday. If you'd like to get yours sooner than later, place your order below. Shout out to our friends at Concrete Jungle, who just placed a huge order. Love y'all!

But the biggest thing we're working on is FDA approval so that our Cocktail Syrup will be legally considered a shelf stable product. We're hoping that process will take about 5 weeks, although you never can tell with these things. Once that is approved, our sales channels grow significantly.

Finally, we wanted to acknowledge the passing of Rev. Charles Sherrod, husband of Shirley Sherrod who we wrote about in our last newsletter and has been featured several times in our Ag News of the Week. Although Charles was not as heavily involved with agriculture, he was a prolific organizer and champion for Civil Rights in rural Georgia. You can read more about his life, legacy and impact here.

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