Taking our food business to the next level

Taking our food business to the next level

On Tuesday we spent the day at Georgia Tech for a conference presented by Georgia Grown called “Taking Your Food Business to the Next Level” - thank you Judith Winfrey for alerting us about this one! Good stuff. 

We heard from retailers like Whole Foods, distributors like P10, and learned how to get “retail ready” by Diane Earwood, formerly of Destiny Organics. We also got to hang out with our good friend Billy Mitchell as well as our friends Daniel and Amber from Fresh Harvest. A worthwhile learning experience. 

Two key takeaways:

1. We’re going to switch the type of lemon juice we use to organic. 
2. We’re looking at tweaking our label so that “cocktail syrup” pops a bit more.

Lastly, our first disappointment of the year - we were not named finalists in the Flavor of Georgia contest. Apparently we’ll get a scorecard and review from the judges in early April so we look forward to seeing what they thought and perhaps tweak our recipe a bit. From a quick look at the finalists, I’m thinking we may be better in the “miscellaneous” category next year instead of “syrup” as the finalists are all clearly breakfast style syrups rather than cocktail syrups. 

Alas, we move on. Plenty to look forward to this year.

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