Scaling Up

Scaling Up

It’s been a minute since we last reached out, so you know that means we’ve been hard at work. 

Last time we spoke, Fresh Harvest had just placed our biggest order ever just in time for Earth Day. They ran an Earth Day Special and sold over 120 bottles in a single week! That’s huge!

In the same week, we partnered with King of Pops on Earth Day as part of the Green Market Fair. They served specialty cocktails from their outdoor bar as we hung out next door meeting new folks and selling bottles of our syrup. 

All in all, it was by far our biggest sales week so far. And with that, Jason and I realized we need a bit of a growth spurt. 

For the last few months, we’ve barely been able to keep up with orders, which has left us unable to sell directly to customers like you, or take on many new wholesale clients. For us to grow, we need to dramatically increase our supply of syrup. To do that we’ve been working with what’s known as a “co-packer” – basically, someone who prepares and packs products on your behalf. 

While Jason and I use a 10 gallon kettle, the minimum run with this co-packer is 60 gallons. He can produce about 675 bottles in the same time as we can produce about 100. 

Last week, the co-packer finished our test batches. It was extremely gratifying and rewarding to know all the effort we put into creating our recipe meant he could replicate them on his first try.

For the next few weeks, we’ll work with him to source all the ingredients necessary to make over 1,200 bottles. That will give us the runway to take on more clients and grow our business to a more sustainable level. 

We’ve got a big summer coming up, and we’ll need your support to keep going. We’ll be in touch with more updates soon.

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