Popping up next week

Popping up next week

Things are moving forward nicely. Once again, I'm writing this from Leaven Kitchen's office as we are knee deep in peaches. Peach season will be over a a couple of weeks, so we are processing and freezing as many peaches as we can before it's too late.

Last week, we put the feedback we received from bartenders into practice. Our Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail Syrup is now a little sweeter and we added lemon balm to our mint mixture to highlight the lemon flavor. We're very happy with the results.

We had some more great feedback last week at Nourish Botanica with our friends at Plantlanta. One person said she looks forward to seeing us on Shark Tank one day! Wouldn't that be something?!

Now, the moment you've been waiting for -- the first opportunity to test the syrup for yourself!

We just confirmed earlier today that we'll be at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on Thursday, 8/11 and the Virginia Highland Farmers Market on Thursday, 8/18.

We'll have jam available for purchase and we'll whip up some Farmers Jam Mocktails. Additionally, we'll have a handful of 4oz sample bottles for sale as well. Get 'em while supplies last!

Lastly, we're working on our launch plan to formally introduce our syrup to the market. Right now, we're planning to release our syrups on September 15. We'll need your help to spread the word, so stay tuned for details.

For now, be on the lookout for an email just before Labor Day -- we'll do a Labor Day Preorder Sale just for our email subscribers, so you can be the first to lock in your orders.

Get your tastebuds ready! I can't wait for you to try what we've been working on.

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