Keeping up with demand

Keeping up with demand

First off, we’ve had several new folks join our mailing list in the last couple of weeks - welcome! We send updates about our company journey followed by a handful of food and agriculture stories (below) about once a week.

For everyone else, you already know last month was HUGE for Farmers Jam. We finally have enough inventory to keep up with our demand. All it took was wrestling a 400 pound drum off a truck (which, by the way, then took a week to defrost!) and chasing a FedEx truck. But hey, we got here, and now we have about 1,800 bottles of inventory.

Even more good news - they are moving quickly! On Friday, we shipped four cases to Nelson Produce Farm in Nebraska… how cool is that?! They’re opening a new on-farm market and thought their customers would love our syrups, especially with their fifth annual Strawberry Festival coming up. 

We also brought a case to our latest restaurant partner, Parkers on Ponce. They’re adding a special Strawberry Margarita to their menu using our Strawberry Lemon Cocktail Syrup. As soon as we get the full recipe we’ll add it to our website. 

Finally, we had a great time with Shades of Green Permaculture at their first plant festival. Jason was a popular man at the event whipping up cocktails and mocktails. Thanks again to our great friends at Cathead Distillery for helping us out with spirits - that Raspberry Vodka is divine. 

Alright folks, that’s it for this week. Check out the news below and we’ll holler again soon.

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