Huge opportunity

Huge opportunity

Shortly after we sent our last email, our good friend and local food legend Judith Winfrey forwarded us an email from a company looking to source locally made products for the Atlanta airport. We jumped at the opportunity and have a pitch meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm. 

Needless to say, we’ve had all hands on deck in preparation.

While we were ready in the big picture – our brand, story, mission, and flavors are ready to roll – we needed to have all the little details ready for the pitch itself, and get ready to scale up our operation on a moment's notice... that moment potentially coming tomorrow. 

In addition, we also had two events this week: one on Saturday at CreateATL in celebration of Black Farmers, for which we donated Strawberry Lemon syrup (pictured above) -- and the next on Friday for the Georgia Organics Farmers Feast -- for which we’ve donated a case of Peach Basil, Spiced Apple, and Strawberry Lemon. 

So between kitchen time, printing labels and spec sheets, preparing barcodes, meeting with suppliers, and rehearsing our pitch, it has been a rip roaring couple of weeks. 

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we feel more prepared than ever to take the leap. We are very excited about the year to come, and our potential for growth will increase significantly if tomorrow goes well. We will have some new offerings to come in the next few months and look forward to sharing them with you.  

For now, keep your fingers crossed, add us to your prayer books, or send some positive vibes tomorrow. It's going to be a big dayt

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