Food and Agriculture News - 9/8/22

Food and Agriculture News - 9/8/22

There aren't enough young farmers. Congress is looking to change that - NPR 

Before this article gets to any details about what Congress is doing, it provides an excellent high level summary about the state of local agriculture. For starters, as the headline implies, it’s really difficult for new farmers to acquire land. 

"I think there's kind of this phrase of like 'marry it or inherit it' kind of thing — like, that's the way that people access land,” said Bobbi Wilson from Oregon. 

Next, it delves into the importance of local agriculture, which became clear during the height of the pandemic. While major suppliers, processing facilities, and dockyards shut down, small scale, local farmers kept plowing through, providing fresh fruits and vegetables when people needed them most. These days, local farmers struggle to meet the demand for local food.

So, we have two clearly defined problems – one is that farmers struggle to access land, and another that local farmers can’t meet the supply. 

Now it’s time for Congress to step up. And while they may be “looking to change” issues of access, don’t expect to find any solutions in this article. What actually happens will play out in negotiations for the upcoming Farm Bill. For decades, the Farm Bill has been so contentious it’s basically passed every time with little to no change. I, for one, expect the same results again. 

California Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Fast-Food Industry - NYTimes

Interesting bill that came in response to fast food companies opting to close stores or fire employees who attempted to unionize stores. This bill provides a bit of a work around ot unionization, where the state will create standards and recommendations for companies to follow, so there won’t be any direct negotiation between employers and employers. 

The new rules will apply to restaurants with a minimum of 100 locations nationwide, including companies like that own and operate their stores as well as franchisees of large companies

Here are the nuts and bolts: 

The bill would set up a 10-member council that would include worker and employer representatives and two state officials, and that would review pay and safety standards across the restaurant industry.

The council could issue health, safety and anti-discrimination regulations and set an industrywide minimum wage. The legislation caps the figure at $22 an hour next year, when the statewide minimum wage will be $15.50. The bill also requires annual cost-of-living adjustments for any new wage floor beginning in 2024.

(Note: CA Governor Gavin Newsom signed this bill into law on Tuesday)

Scientists pinpoint common vegetable that can lower high blood sugar levels by 50 per cent - The Independent 

How’s this for news you can use? Well… let’s dig in. Onions – specifically onion extract – were shown to lower blood sugar levels by 50%. Considering rampant diabetes in the US and that onions can be produced relatively cheaply, this could have huge implications – emphasis on could, for three reasons.

1. The results depend on taking an antidiabetic drug metformin.
2. There has only been one study, conducted on rats.
3. Rats who did not have diabetes actually gained weight during the study.

So..... clickbait? Clickbait.

After Truck Spills on Highway, ‘Alfredo Sauce Is Everywhere’ - NYTimes 
A tomato spill makes a major California highway a marinara mess

Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, someone hasn’t paid their dues to the mafia, who are driving up the price of Italian sauces while inflation is at an all time high. The sheer depravity is alarming

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