Food & Agriculture News 5/11/23

Food & Agriculture News 5/11/23

Be On The Lookout For Drunk Birds, Georgia Wildlife Officials Warn - Southern Living

No, that’s not a euphemism. Birds across the state are currently feasting on spoiled fruit which has slightly fermented. That means it’s a little boozy. When they consume too much, they can lose their coordination and fly into windows and other obstacles. Don’t drink and fly. 

The ‘no mow’ movement could transform our lawns - Washington Post

This is probably the most balanced view I’ve seen of the many, many lawn related articles I’ve written about. Yes, the bottom line is that mowing your lawn regularly is not only “resource intensive” but also more likely to degrade the overall health of the lawn while eradicating food and habitat for pollinators. 

But it’s not as if you have to completely neglect your lawn, either. In fact, if your lawn consisted entirely of grass, not mowing it wouldn’t make a lick of difference because most grasses don’t flower. 

Instead, a balanced mix of low flowering plants and grass is the best blend, so long as your mower is kept on the highest setting and your lawn isn’t mowed more than every two weeks. 

Colorado becomes 1st to pass ‘right to repair’ for farmers - AP News

As things go for farmers, they’ll go for the rest of us. Just like we have to take iPhones to the Apple Store for basic repairs, farmers have to do the same thing with their tractors – only they don’t have 3-4 weeks to wait to get their equipment up and running. 

Colorado is the first state to push back, guaranteeing that not only can farmers fix their own tractors but manufacturers also have to provide manuals, tools, parts and software to do so. It’s a move other states and the federal government may follow soon.

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