Food & Agriculture News: 2/16/23

Food & Agriculture News: 2/16/23

A Perfect Night Out at Whoopsie’s Means A+ Bar Dinners, Cocktails, and No Stress - Atlanta Eater 

Apparently Chef Hudson Rouse has a hit on his hands. This is about as good a review as I’ve ever read, and I’m looking forward to checking this place out – assuming I can get a table. 

Most of their veggies are grown on site, and all of the meat is sourced within 90 miles. Consider me impressed – and I haven’t even touched upon the cocktails, which also sound amazing.  

We tried Chick-fil-A's new Cauliflower Sandwich. Here's how it tastes and why it's not 'vegetarian.' - USA Today

Ok, forget the headline for a second. The point here is that Chick-fil-A said forget all this fake meat business, we’re going to make vegetables taste good. As far as I know, this is the first time Chick-fil-A and I have thought the exact same thing. 

According to their market research, they found that people wanted to know exactly what they were eating – good luck explaining what’s in a Beyond Burger. They tried three options: fried green tomatoes, mushroom caps, and cauliflower, and found a clear winner. 

Apparently this sandwich slaps, although it’s only rolling out in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Denver, CO, so we’ll have to wait to find out here in Georgia if the testing phase goes well. I’m very curious to see how it tastes and how it’s priced. 

As for the headline, apparently they’re not calling it vegetarian because it’s cooked on the same grill as the chicken. 

China’s Bid to Improve Food Production? Giant Towers of Pigs. - NY Times 

This is WILD. For starters, China consumes half the world’s pork, and I know they have a lot of people, but that’s a lot of pork. Now, in these 26 story buildings, none of these pigs will ever see the light of day, touch soil or roll in grass. And even if you don’t care at all for animal welfare, all of that contributes to a major factor: disease easily spreads in these high rises. 

Gonna be honest, this reminds me of the prisons in the latest Star Wars series, Andor. I won’t spoil anything but let's just say things get out of hand.

And also… maybe we should just eat more cauliflower? Just a thought.

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