Food & Agriculture News: 12/8/22

Food & Agriculture News: 12/8/22

Here Are the 2022 Eater Awards Winners for Atlanta - Eater Atlanta

A mouthwatering list of fantastic restaurants and cocktails who stole the show in Atlanta this year. I’ve been a huge fan of one (Fishmonger) and had another on my list (So So Fed) but look forward to checking out the rest. 

In Forests Full of Mines, Ukrainians Find Mushrooms and Resilience - New York Times

Foraging can be dangerous, but rarely this dangerous. The Russian army made a habit of planting mines in any territory they held – however briefly – throughout Ukraine. During the wet and rainy season, which often produces lots of mushrooms, foragers had to take extra precautions to make sure they didn't accidentally set off any explosives – despite warning from the Ukrainian government, who say it will take at least a decade to fully demine forests. 

Reimagine and Re:wild Your College Campus - Food Tank

Thought this was a great concept. Here’s the key summary: 

Feldman is urging students to think about ways that their campuses can save water, build soil health, reintroduce native species, and increase edible landscapes. She suggests starting with an understanding of the history of the space and to, “think about what plants used to thrive here before colonization. Thinking beyond the green grass, colonial aesthetic, we’re asking college students to ask themselves what they want their campus to look like.”

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