Food & Agriculture News: 11/24/22

Food & Agriculture News: 11/24/22

‘As rising temps reshape Georgia’s fruit industry, citrus takes root - AJC

With climate change, crops migrate north - CBS News

Two articles about the same thing - growing citrus in Georgia. The AJC article goes in depth, talking to several farmers about how they’re adapting to weather conditions. I’ve pulled some of the eye key lines and figures from each article: 

There are an estimated 473,000 commercial citrus trees in Georgia today, up from 4,700 a decade ago.

Winters in Georgia are warming faster than any other season, according to analysis by the nonprofit organization Climate Central.

"One of the main things that drove my decision to plant 'em was the fact that it is so much warmer now than it was 30 years ago, 40 years ago. I know when I was growing up, golly, in October, you always had a couple of frosts. And November, you usually had a freeze. That doesn't happen anymore."

"Did you think of that as climate change, or did you just say, 'Something's different here'?"

"No, I thought it was climate change," he replied. "It's happening. There's no doubt about it."

Auditor: Overcharging at local Dollar General, Family Dollar stores unprecedented - Dayton Daily News

Discount stores raising prices at higher rate than many other grocery stores amid inflation - CBS News 

Talk about a double whammy! There are a lot of reasons for inflation – shipping costs, fuel costs, wage increases, and on and on. This is a new one – straight up increasing prices at the cash register to be higher than what’s listed on the shelves. 

The numbers are astounding. In some cases, customers are getting ringed up for more than twice the listed price! 

“Overall, Dollar General had a failure rate of 69%, and Family Dollar stores failed 43% of the tests.”

And all of this is just in one county in Ohio. Accordingly, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a lawsuit against both companies. 

Beyond Meat factory riddled with mold, other dirty conditions: leaked documents - NYPost 

Oof - this is bad. I mean, it’s obvious from the headline it’s bad. But the details are worse. A spokesperson for Beyond Meat noted that the company passed inspection as recently as September. So how bad could it really be? Well, the Pennsylvania Dept of Ag said that the September visit wasn’t actually an inspection, they were following up about unpaid registrations. So… glossing over a major food safety issue? Yikes. 

To sum up a bad year, they’ve fired their COO for biting someone’s nose at a football game (yes, really), laid off over 200 people since October, and seen their share prices drop 80% this year alone.

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