Farmers Jam Update - 5/12/22

Farmers Jam Update - 5/12/22

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Hey friends,


We are really cooking now! This week, we made our first batch of jam at Leaven Kitchen – about 80 jars – using some delicious strawberries from Crystal Organic Farm. We’re still learning every time we get in the kitchen but feeling more and more comfortable each time. We’ve got a lead on some seconds strawberries and will be back in the kitchen later this week to process some more. We’re still on track to deliver our first orders in June. Big thanks to everyone who placed a pre-order. 


Also, shout out to everyone who came out to Soil Festival! We had a great time jamming out at Truly Living Well with Food Well Alliance and WABE. Up next, it’s the first Farmers Jam event of the year. We’ll be back at Heck House on June 23. Stay tuned for details, coming soon.


For now, check out our interview on Farmers Jam Radio with Micheal B. Jordan (no, not that Michael B. Jordan, but still a great conversation). He wrote our favorite article of the year, a deep dive into the history of food and protest here in Atlanta. You can check the article out on Eater Atlanta, and listen to the interview on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. 

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