Boy how time flies

Boy how time flies

Ever been so busy you lost track of what day it was? Last week, I sat down to write this email on Tuesday at 3 pm only to realize it was in fact Wednesday at 3 pm. 

At that point I figured my time was probably best spent clearing the rest of my to do list rather than trying to make up for lost time. I trust you'll forgive me.

We've had an insane 6 week run. We launched our new Cocktail Syrup, starting with Strawberry Lemonade in mid September. Thanks to you, we sold the vast majority of our inventory before we were officially on sale. Now we're now moving into our second edition, Peach Basil -- a delicious fall flavor.

Each new product means a whole new set of tasks: ordering bottles, refining the recipe, getting the labels right. Fortunately, we've moved on from the "laughing to keep from crying" phase of label production that took place over the summer, but every detail matters and inevitably takes more time that I think it will.

As overwhelming as this process can be, we're moving in the right direction. Heck, we never expected to make syrups in the first place. But with the labels and recipe development, our processes are clearer, tighter, more efficient. We are getting closer to achieving our short term goals, which helps us towards our long term goals.

Speaking of long term goals, we had a fantastic conversation with New Communities in Albany. Long time readers will know of our affinity towards Shirley Sherrod, a Georgia agriculture legend. It was an honor to speak with her team and learn about an amazing initiative they're working on with blueberries that has the potential to shape the way farmers grow blueberries for decades. It's exactly the kind of project we want to support and look forward to supporting in any way that we can. 

For now, thanks to everyone who pre-ordered some Peach Basil. Orders will begin shipping next week. There's still time to secure your batch, just hit the link below.

Additionally, mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov 6. We'll be featured at the Libation Station with our friends at Cathead Distillery for Fermentation Fest at Cultured South. It should be a fun event. 

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